Founded by Professor Valter Longo, its goal is to promote creativity in science and medicine so that everyone—even patients without financial means—can benefit from new knowledge. The Valter Longo Foundation is a non-profit organization that sponsors and carries out integrative research to translate basic science into clinical trials and novel therapies useful to patients who have exhausted other treatment options, seek to improve the efficacy of conventional treatments and wish to reduce common treatment side effects.

Prof. Valter D. Longo

Prof. Valter D. Longo

Qualità della vita migliore e meno fatigue: una nuova conferma sugli effetti benefici  del digiuno nella chemioterapia

A Better Quality of Life and Less Fatigue: New Evidence of the Benefits of Fasting During Chemotherapy

Every year, 8.8 million people worldwide die of cancer and although the recovery rates are increasing, it is estimated that these figures will reach 13 million in 2030. Recently, the journal BMC Cancer published the results of a new…
Ancona 23 Giugno

ANCONA, June 23rd

In Ancona from June 21st to 23rd within the Expo Meeting Innov-Aging project, an event dedicated to the theme of Longevity will be held, promoting a path of health and well-being. On the 23rd, Prof. Longo and Prof. Makoto Suzuki, cardiologist…

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Wei, M., et al., Fasting-mimicking diet and markers/risk factors for aging, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Sci Transl Med, 2017. 9(377). PDF


By Valter Longo, Ph.D

The clinically tested diet program, based on decades of research, to fight disease, maintain an ideal weight,
and live a longer and healthier life.


The Longevity Diet

From the scientist who revolutionized research on stem cells and aging and pioneered fasting-mimicking diets for healthy living to age 110 and beyond…

Can what you eat change how long and how well you live?

The clinically proven answer is “yes.” And The Longevity Diet is easier to follow than you would think.

The culmination of 25 years of global research on aging, nutrition, and disease, this unique combination of an easy-to-follow “everyday” diet and short periods of fasting-mimicking diet (FMD) is the key to living to a healthy old age.

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